Important Supreme Court & High Court Judgements for GS Paper 2

In the GS Paper 2 you can cite landmark SC and HC judgements in support of your argument to improve the answer quality. I had made notes of the following  important Supreme Court and High Court cases. Please point out any important recent judgement in the comment and I will update the notes.

Important SC Judgements for Polity GS Paper 2
Important SC Judgements for Polity GS Paper 2
  1. Educational Qualification for contesting Panchayat polls
    • Haryana Panchayat (Amendment) Act 2015 was upheld by Honorable SC stating the following points:
      • Constitution itself imposes certain qualifications and limitations for certain posts (e.g. Age, Unsound Mind) which excludes candidates from contesting polls
      • “Right to Vote” and “Right to Contest Elections” are not Fundamental Rights
      • Right to Vote does not automatically confers Right to contest for all constitutional positions
      • The argument that a large section will be ineligible is invalid
      • The conditions imposed have direct nexus with better administration
  2. Freedom of Speech
    • Devidas vs State of Maharashtra case
      • Freedom of Speech has to be given a broad canvas but it has inherent limitations
      • It cannot be absolute
      • One cannot use obscene language for historically important personalities
  3. RBI vs Jayantilal Mistry case
    • RBI is bound to disclose information under RTI Act
    • There is no fiduciary relationship between RBI and the banks
    • RBI is duty bound to uphold the interests of the general public and not of the Banks
    • RBI must act with transparency considering its critical role in financial stability
    • Only exceptional information can be hidden in public interest
    • This secrecy-oriented attitude is counter-productive and attracts more suspicion

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  1. Ujjaval Joshi

    Sir there is a 2006 ruling in “Seema vs Ashwani Kumar case”. It is about making registration of marriages compulsory and the same has also been recommended now by the Law Commission with some minor amendments to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969.

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