60 Day UPSC Prelims Intensive Revision Plan with Test Series

Dear UPSC Aspirants,

Today the UPSC 2020 Prelims date was to be announced. But due to the Coronavirus situation and uncertainty, that could not be done. But we will ensure, that this does not affect your preparation.

Starting today, stay with IAS34.com for the next 60 days to ensure intensive revision for UPSC Prelims 2020. This program has 2 parts:

  1. 60 Day Scientifically Designed Plan for Intense Revision.
  2. Daily Prelims Test which includes Static and Current Affairs.

60 Days UPSC Prelims Intensive Revision Plan

DaysHistory: 10 Days                Sources: Old NCERT and  NIOS
Day 1 Pre-historic period to Mahajanapada period
Day 2Mauryan Empire to Post-Gupta period
Day 3Early Medieval India to Delhi Sultanate
Day 4Mughal Period
Day 5Revision day
Day 6Advent and Expansion of European power in India
Day 7India in 19th Century
Day 8National movement from 1900 to 1930
Day 9National movement from 1930 to Indian independence
Day 10Revision day

Art and Culture: 5 DaysSources: CCRT, NCERT, Nitin Singhania book
Day 11Architecture and Sculpture
Day 12Dance, Drama and Music
Day 13Literature
Day 14Paintings
Day 15Revision day

Polity and Governance: 11 Days      Sources: M Laxmikanth, PIB, PRS
Day 16Evolution of the Constitution, Part 1 and 2 of the Constitution
Day 17Fundamental Rights
Day 18DPSPs and Fundamental Duties
Day 19Legislature
Day 20Executive
Day 21Revision day
Day 22Judiciary
Day 23Basic structure, emergency
Day 24Constitutional and non-Constitutional bodies
Day 25Government Schemes
Day 26Revision day

Indian and World Geography: 8 Days        Sources: NCERT, G C Leong, NIOS, Various websites
Day 27World Physical: Origin of Earth, Geomorphology, Landforms
Day 28World Physical: Climatology, Oceanography
Day 29Indian Geography: Physiography
Day 30Indian Geography: Drainage System
Day 31Indian Geography: Climatology
Day 32Maps of India and the World
Day 33Human and Economic Geography
Day 34Revision day

Environment and Ecology: 6 daysSources: NCERT, Shankar IAS, MoEFCC websites
Day 35Ecosystem, Biomes, Biodiversity and Conservation
Day 36Biodiversity of India 
Day 37Laws, Conventions, and Organizations
Day 38Protected Area Networks and other conservation efforts
Day 39Pollution and Health hazards
Day 40Revision day

Indian Economy: 6 daysSources: NCERT, NIOS, Economic Survey, Budget, Ramesh Singh, Various websites
Day 41Basics, Monetary and Fiscal policy 
Day 42Poverty, Unemployment, and Inflation
Day 43Sectors of Economy, Organizations
Day 44Budget
Day 45Economic Survey
Day 46Revision day

Science and Technology: 6 daysSources: NCERT, Science reporter, PIB, Various websites
Day 47Basic sciences
Day 48Genetics and Biotechnology
Day 49Space and Robotics
Day 50Defence
Day 51Nuclear, Intellectual Properties, International organizations, conventions, etc
Day 52Revision day

Current Affairs: 6 daysSources: PIB, Government websites, Vision IAS, Vajiram IAS
Day 53July to September 2019
Day 54October to December 2019
Day 55January and February 2020
Day 56March and April 2020
Day 57May and June 2020
Day 58Revision day

Revision Test: 2 days
Day 59Revision Test 1
Day 60Revision Test 2

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