Guidance: Coaching, Answer Writing, Essay and Choosing Optional Subject by Taranjot Singh (AIR 70)

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  1. shubham manjhi says:

    Sir, I am preparing with mechanical optional ( without any coaching for mechanical) . I gave my attempt this year straight after 8th semester, but scoring only 97.I ,somehow, in college, managed to cover the portion for prelims on my own and relied on online sources for current affairs.After calculating my prelims marks and seeing the air of expected cutoffs, I thought of taking coaching for GS , but having spent some time with mechanical , realised that I won’t be able to manage optional time with GS coaching. I have no one to look up for doubts in GS , so, is dropping GS coaching for covering mechanical a wise decision? I am thinking of going for vision test series to keep a check on my GS prep. I know sir it depends on the individual, but with your experience of 4 years, any suggestions for me sir?

    • Taranjot Singh says:

      Shubham, since you have already covered a lot of ground in GS in your college days, so I’d also suggest you to prepare GS on your own.

      Prelims tests the knowledge base and Mains tests the answer writing skills and bird’s eye view understanding. So, in GS focus more on answer writing skills and idea generation. Join test series and keep a tab on insightsonindia website also.

      In mechanical, prioritise the topics which were asked more often in previous years and prepare them well.

      Since you are facing time constraint, you’ll have to walk the middle path, with even focus on GS (esp essay and ethics) and optional.

  2. Gurinder Singh says:

    Satsriakal Veerji!! I’m from Ludhiana, preparing for the exam with Political Science optional, without any coaching. Congratulations for the coveted feat, and Wish you the best for the journey in the service ahead. Thank you very much for sharing your preparation strategy.
    I have a few queries, if you could please help.
    Firstly, Current affairs notes making from different sources seems to be cumbersome task and it’s considered must. So, how should we go about it, both for Prelims and Mains?
    Secondly, Could you please share some of your sample answers from GS mock test copies. Thirdly, Your experience in Interview, and suggestions in this regard.Thanks.

  3. Kiran Sharma says:

    Thank you for share your experience with us.Ksgindia provides best RAS, IAS coaching In Jaipur .

  4. Kalpesh says:

    I am a mechanical Engg graduate. I want to choose Mech Engg as optional paper for UPSC CSE. Currently I am taking GS coaching. I am preparing for mechanical on my own. Sir how helpful is the coaching in mech Engg ? because when I study on my own I feel little disconnected from the subject. I feel like I am not getting the basics.

  5. Anubhav kumar says:

    Sir I am average in mechanical engineering,from a average private class,can I take as mechanical engineering optional,or I have to go through humanity paper, please suggest sir,

  6. Mayursinh Rajput says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for sharing your strategy.
    What answer to give if asked about ‘ How Mechanical Engineering will help you in administration / Civil services ?

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