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  1. Amit Chatterjee says:

    Sir plz continue making HQ Lessons for Mains. Ur lessons have greatly helped me in understanding the basics of Governance, IR.

    Highly indebted for your service.

  2. Mohinder Singh Chahal says:

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  3. Shah Unam says:

    Kindly send the relevant material.

  4. Rajat Hota says:

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  5. Suman Ram Kanu says:

    Sir can you pls send the whole booklist of upsc .
    I will be hoghly obliged if you do it at your earliest


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  7. Bhavesh bhat says:

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  8. Suchal Gujarathi says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Sir can you please inform me whether there are vacancies for joining your whatsapp group?

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to join ur whats app group. Kindly add me. Hwo can i join ur group

    • Rishika Sharma says:

      Sir I want to join your WhatsApp group for guidance… I don’t have anyone from civil background In my family to guide me for the same and I need someone like you to show correct path so that Ican achieve my goal… I will be very grateful to u

  10. Anonymous says:

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  11. Aashi Agrawal says:

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  12. Souro Deep Roy says:

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  13. Sanjana says:

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  14. Ganesh says:

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  15. Shikhar V says:

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  16. Rudrajit says:

    Sir please add me in your WhatsApp group and I want to learns the basics how to prepare for upsc

  17. Bhoomika says:

    The above info, guidance, notes really helped alot, kindly keep updating with more resources, it will of a great help for the self preparation.

  18. Ankita Kamerkar says:

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  19. Akshay says:

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  20. Shah Alam says:

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  23. Dee says:

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  24. Vishal says:

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  25. Ritu says:

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  26. Kallol says:

    Sir, I am preparing for the upsc 2022 exam, which will be my 1st attempt. I found your blog very helpful. I am dire need of your guidance, so please add me in your whatsapp group

  27. Archana says:

    I want to join IAS OFFICERS WhatsApp group. Please guide me.

  28. Ashraf says:

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  29. Aishwarya says:

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  30. Rosy Sahu says:

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  32. Varsha says:

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  33. Munna kumar says:

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  34. Vinay says:

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  36. Munendra says:

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  38. Anonymous says:

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  39. Deeksha says:

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  41. Suprit Kaur says:

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  42. Aditi tiwari says:

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  43. Kranthi says:

    Hello sir, can you please add me into your whatsapp group. I need your guidance to crack UPSC CSE sir, pls guide me throughout my preparation. I’ll be delighted if I’m part of our WhatsApp University. Thank you sir

  44. Gobardhan sahu says:

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  45. Anonymous says:

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  46. Gobardhan sahu says:

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  47. Anonymous says:

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  50. Ayush Kumar says:

    Sir I am in graduation Ist year, I want to be an IAS officer. I don’t have proper guidance. I wanted to prepare from Ist year but due to corona it is not possible. I want to utilise remaining years of my college for preparing of CSE

  51. Amit Pandey says:

    Sir I have geography as my optional, watched ur youtube videos they very helpful which landed me here, i would like to conract your personally if not, kindly add me to your WhatsApp group.

  52. Amit Pandey says:

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  53. Amit Pandey says:

    Sir kindly accept my LinkedIn request

  54. Ap says:

    Thank you sir for helping us.

  55. Anshuli Kaushik says:

    Hello, I am right now struggling to get a clarity on how to start preparing for UPSC exam. Could you please throw some light on it and if there is any watsapp group where you guide UPSC aspirants, could you please add me to the same. Will be a great help.

  56. Anonymous says:

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  57. Kashish says:

    Sir I am currently studying in class 12th.I wish to prepare for civil services and my attempt will be in 2025.Please guide me regarding books and strategy I need to follow and please add me in your whatsapp group where you guide upsc aspirants.

  58. Jordan says:

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