Attitude: Content, Structure, Function | UPSC Ethics Notes

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  1. Rahul says:

    @ Somesh Sir, as per your instruction on twitter I am posting my question over here.

    Sir, I had a question with regard to the riders attached to the question. I mean the words like critically analyse, discuss, elucidate, Comment, Elaborate, Examine, assess, Analyse, Evaluate; often appear in the questions.

    I have come around various explanations about these key words but at the same time I have also come across teachers saying that they do not carry much weightage. So my question is do they carry any weightage and if yes what is the stark difference between them, because the explanations going around often than not have overlapping explanations thereby creating confusion with regard to the meaning of specific key word

    . (For Example – My understanding is that critically analyse means to write pros , cons and an apt conclusion, illustrate means to substantiate the answer with example, elaborate means to explain the question statement and then explain my stand; but again more or less I end up doing the same in key words like Discuss, comment etc. so what would be the key difference)

    Or should I write pros, cons and an apt conclusion in every answer. What approach did you followed in the examination?


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